Web Design & Development

We build technically amazing, secure, and mobile-friendly web experiences.

We Create

Marketing web sites to attract new and repeat business.

Customer web apps to help your customers help themselves.

Backend web apps to help your staff and increase efficiency.

Marketing Web Sites

Attract New Customers

Attract new customers and foster repeat business with an optimized marketing web site.

We'll help you create the right content to attract new visitors from search engines and social media.

How to Create a Marketing Website that Gets Results

Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

We'll create and optimize landing pages and lead magnets to maximize the return on every dollar of advertising.

Fractle Search Engine

We'll implement a state-of-the-art Fractle search engine so that:

  • your customers quickly find what they want.
  • you discover what your customers really want.

Customer Web Apps

Happy Customers

Create happy customers by giving them what they need when they need it. No more waiting for normal business hours.

Nothing to Download

Customer web apps are part of your website. There is nothing for customers to download or install.

Automate and Save

We create custom web apps to automate common tasks, which saves your staff time, improves efficiency, and saves your business money.

By only automating the most common and tedious tasks, Cezaa delivers a positive return on investment and makes custom automation affordable for even the smallest businesses.

Example Customer Web Apps

Common customer web apps include:

  • online ordering
  • quoting
  • calculators
  • troubleshooting wizards
  • tracking tools
  • progress and status reporting
  • communication tools

Backend Web Apps

Eliminate Tedious Busywork

Backend web apps are powerful tools that eliminate the tedious routine tasks, paperwork, and error-prone manual processes that your team hate.

Make your team happy by streamlining and automating these processes, so they can focus on their jobs, not the busywork.

Safe & Secure

Only authorized team members can access and use your business tools and information.

We protect and restrict access to your backend web apps using secure authentication and authorization methods.